It seems like it took forever to get to this day but it has just been one year since I met Tom of Natural Fusion. After a research marathon weekend (woohoo 8 hours of research non-stop on Sunday!) I finally reached at least one historical event for every single day of the year — Even

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Wedding Anniversary

I married my wife two years ago today. I didn’t want it to be political or historic, but same-sex marriages of this generation are, no matter what. I’ve embraced this aspect of our love story now, even if it is just a small part of it.   Tracy Ahlquist is on the end in the

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I’m so lucky to have such talent in my family. Today I’m particularly grateful for Carolyn Oliver, my sister-in-law and owner of Elevated Editing. She studied the English language at PhD levels and has been a professional editor for years. And she just so happens to be a member of the LGBTQ community, too. So

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Name Change

I am changing the name of LGBToday for two main reasons. One is that “LGBT” does not encompass every community this app is about and for. We don’t fit easily into boxes so I wanted a broader name that would not hold back the amount of history we capture that is related in some way

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History Lesson

I just posted this to the Facebook page and wanted to share it here:   The Supreme Court arguments have drawn a lot of discussion to this Facebook page this week. Since LGBToday is a project about history, I feel compelled to reply specifically to one of the lawyer’s arguments that we should not make marriage genderless

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Go Team!

I’m so thrilled to announce that I have chosen an app developer to create LGBToday for iOS and Android. They are called Natural Fusion and three-person team I will be working with is all gay. They are the original local (Maryland) company that I first met with last year. I am also over the moon with the four research

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