Open Letter to Apple, Inc.

UPDATE: Minutes after sending this letter, Apple called me to say thank you for bringing this to their attention and that “bisexual” is no longer a flagged term! To Whom It May Concern: I am writing with the backing of over 1,100 signers of an online petition that was launched less than 24 hours ago. I am

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Queerty Coverage

“With LGBTQ issues not generally taught as part of the regular curriculum in high schools and colleges, it’s certainly a legitimate fear among older gays that queer history will be lost to a younger generation seen as increasingly myopic. This app, available today on Android and iPhone for free through Google Play or iTunes, works

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Coverage in Huffington Post

“In a time where gay teen suicide is still a devastating reality, Quist (which is available as a free download) cites generating an awareness of past shared struggles for LGBT youth as one of its goals. The app evidences a need for new ways of constructing, remembering and sharing queer history, as the LGBT community continues to

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We’re Live!

Quist is now available to download for free for iOS and Android! Search for “quist lgbtq” in the app stores to find it. Direct link to Apple.  Direct link to Android. Please write reviews in the app stores and spread the word!

Now Accepting Advertisers

To keep this app online there are monthly hosting costs and annual developer fees. To keep this app free, LGBT-friendly businesses are signing on for our advertising package. I’m thrilled to announce our first advertisers. Please support them for supporting us! Clicking on their logo will take you to their website.        

Family to the Rescue!

  My sister just put in 8 hours in the last two days improving the content titles for links to related information for each event. She is completely volunteering her time and she is the best! This is me and my wife with her and her husband at their wedding just two months ago. They

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