Announcement: Grant from Arcus Foundation

Quist is proud to announce the receipt of a $25,000 grant from the Arcus Foundation, a global foundation promoting respect for diversity among peoples and throughout nature. “These funds will help us carry out our mission even more effectively and more broadly,” said Sarah Prager, Quist’s director. “We will be able instill the importance of

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2014 Annual Report

Quist’S 2014         Year in Review |Create infographics Links: Donate money to Quist Donate books to Quist Like on Facebook Follow on Twitter Follow on Tumblr Subscribe on YouTube Watch Quistory in your Neighborhood View #QuistoryMatters graphics Buy Quist merchandise

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Which new feature would you rather have for your Quist app? QUIZZES – Each user could take quizzes about LGBTQ history and share their scores with social media BADGES – Each user could earn badges and level up for reading more, clicking more, sharing more, etc BOTH – I am equally interested in both of

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Meet the New Quist Interns

I can’t overstate how thrilled I am to have these two people on the Quist team. Name: Mariano Ruiz Quist Role: Outreach Intern Age: 27 Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina LGBTQA Identity: Gay What He Does: I’m an enthusiastic 27-year-old activist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. As an International foreign policy student, I have been working with

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