Get Quist’s Tickets to the History-making Fun Home!

There are several Broadway musical premiers in the Quist app, including RENT, A Chorus Line, The Children’s Hour, and West Side Story. Many of them represent gay or bisexual men’s contributions to the arts having written them. But there had never been a Broadway show with a lesbian protagonist… until now. Fun Home tells the

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We Need Your Support

Queer history isn’t just really, really, really cool to learn. (Though of course it is.) It changes lives. When someone learns about their shared heritage they are connected to a sense of community they might not have been able to otherwise access. In a 2012 survey in the UK of LGBT people, “a sense or experience

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29 Movies about LGBT History to Watch Instead of “Stonewall”

Our community is outraged by the newly-released trailer for the movie Stonewall, and for good reason. Taking creative license is one thing, but completely eliminating our foremothers is too far. A movie about Stonewall must at least hit on the basic premise — that Stonewall was a rebellion started in large part by transgender women

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On the Boycott of Stonewall Film

[Please see our update below.] Quist, a LGBTQ history education organization, supports the youth-led boycott of the upcoming movie Stonewall. Please sign on here with others concerned about the whitewashing of our history that the trailer below shows.   However, we also recognize many people will want to see if the film is like the trailer or other

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A New Vision

The Quist app has touched thousands of lives with users all over the world. As an organization, we’ve decided to take the next step. Founded as one product – the app – we are now expanding our work to related endeavors. Quist intends to register as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and develop other products that will make

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