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2014 Annual Report

Quist’S 2014         Year in Review |Create infographics Links: Donate money to Quist Donate books to Quist Like on Facebook Follow on Twitter Follow on Tumblr Subscribe on YouTube Watch Quistory in your Neighborhood View #QuistoryMatters graphics Buy Quist merchandise

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Which new feature would you rather have for your Quist app? QUIZZES – Each user could take quizzes about LGBTQ history and share their scores with social media BADGES – Each user could earn badges and level up for reading more, clicking more, sharing more, etc BOTH – I am equally interested in both of

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Meet the New Quist Interns

I can’t overstate how thrilled I am to have these two people on the Quist team. Name: Mariano Ruiz Quist Role: Outreach Intern Age: 27 Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina LGBTQA Identity: Gay What He Does: I’m an enthusiastic 27-year-old activist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. As an International foreign policy student, I have been working with

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Quist Is Hiring An Intern!

This is your chance to get involved on the inside of a super-cool, viral, queer start-up. Quist has generally been a one-woman production from the beginning, with a lot of help from dozens of volunteers. Now Sarah Prager is searching for the right person to jump on board as an official team member with a commitment of 5-10 hours

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