A New Vision

The Quist app has touched thousands of lives with users all over the world. As an organization, we’ve decided to take the next step.

Founded as one product – the app – we are now expanding our work to related endeavors. Quist intends to register as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and develop other products that will make their debut in 2016. All will be creative tech solutions for teaching and sharing LGBTQ+ history. During Pride Month (June) 2015, a 2.0 version of the app will be released with new features.

To this end, Quist has hired a Board of Directors to steer the mission of the organization and a Quistory Committee to carry out that direction. These 24 individuals, along with Quist founder and director Sarah Prager, are ready to take on this unfilled niche of unique online ways to interact with queer history. A full list and bios of this team can be viewed on this new page.

The new Board includes quistorymakers like Bisi Alimi (the first Nigerian to openly declare his sexuality on national television) and Allyson Robinson (the first transgender person to lead a national LGBT organization). Spread over six countries on five continents, the Board includes historians, undergrad students, non-profit managers, activists, tech professionals, and educators. Their associations include GLSEN, LGBT Technology Partnership, World Bank, BiNet USA, Equality North Carolina, GaymerX, International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia, GLBT History Museum, and many universities.

Queer history has the power to unite our community, reach isolated individuals with a sense of family, show young people role models, remind us that we’re not the first and we’re not alone, and so much more. The power of technology should be used to its fullest potential for this cause.

With the support of the Arcus Foundation and others, this team will magnify our impact. Between the app, social media channels, email list, and speaking engagements, we already reach 33,000 people of all ages and identities per year. We intend to increase that number by releasing a Windows phone version of the app next week and future products.

Of the 200 people who have filled out an evaluation as a 2015 speaking engagement participant or a 2015 new app user, the average age is 29. After listening to a presentation or using the app, 90% reported viewing LGBTQ history as “very important,” with 26% increasing their view to that level. Fifty-nine percent of the January-May 2015 audience reported an increase in their knowledge of LGBTQ history.

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